19 December 2013


Ah, the wonder of technology.  WNYC radio station is having a photobomb contest involving the British actors Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart.  The radio station conveniently provided photos of the actors with the background removed.  You would save the photo, select the white background then invert the selection, and finally copy and paste the new selection, which is just the two actors, into any photo you wish.  Not too long ago I had some free time and took many photos at foot races.  For the contest, I used one from the PPTC Cherry Tree 10-Miler on President's Day weekend 2013.  Appropriate enough because the race took place in Prospect Park and Mr. Stewart himself supposedly lives somewhere in Park Slope.

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  1. Merry Christmas Qap. Thanks for all the interesting posts, I especially enjoy the “Throwback Thursday” photos and stories.
    I need to get out more often – until now I did not know or even heard of the term “photobomb”. I look up the internet and learn that “photobomb” is “An otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph.”
    I also learned not to use this term while at an airport or anywhere that might get me in trouble!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, TOTA! I wouldn't say photobombing is necessarily a bad thing, like when celebrities purposely or accidentally walk into a camera view. "Altered" would be my preferred term, not "ruined" or "spoiled".