21 January 2014


I love Google, I love maps, and I love Google Maps.  I especially love Google Maps with the Photos Overlay.  You have a Google Map then with a layer selected, you can see certain places that have photos associated with them, usually via Panoramio.  In the screenshot below, note that Photos and Labels are selected on the right.  Also Map is shown since we are already in Satellite mode.  Clicking on Map would remove the fancy view, no greenery, no actual road, etc, just a plain map with symbols and such, no photos-quality view.

It is easy to make your own maps based on Google Maps then add your own info.  Just find the place you are interested, such as Calvert Vaux Park in the screenshot below.  I found it, I clicked Save To Map, and I already have Calvert Vaux Park as one of my maps, otherwise I would select Create A New Map.

Last night I could almost swear that I once had a custom map with fancy photos that I easily added to.  It was not the case.  As you may recall from past blog posts I have, Calvert Vaux Park is now half-developed and is nowhere like what the Satellite view of Google Maps show.  I very much want to have my own map with my own photos.  It can be done, but it is nowhere as simple as clicking on some button in the map program and browsing to your photo of choice.  What you actually need to do is to go to the photo first, then right-click on the photo and select Open Image In New Tab.  (Open Image In New Window works too, Tab just happens to be my preferred choice of web viewing.)  Go to the new tab, highlight the entire URL (address bar) and press Apple-C (Ctrl-C on Windoze) to copy.

Next, go to your saved map, click Edit, choose the blue pin-drop and place it where you want to add the photo.  Give the pin-drop a title, click Rich Text, then Insert Image icon (which is right-most), and finally Apple-V (Ctrl-V on Windoze) to paste the link you copied earlier.

In the beginning, I used the very first URL when the photo was opened, whether in the album or not.  It didn't work.  There would be an icon but no photo.  First open the photo in a new tab or new window then you will be good.

It's a work-in-progress and below is the latest map I have so far of Calvert Vaux Park.  I really want to add some photos to highlight the wilder side of the park but it takes forever to find them in Google Photos, since the photos were taken some time ago and scrolling back in time is pretty hard.  Play around with zooming and panning, then click on each pin-drop to see the park at that location.

View Calvert Vaux Park in a larger map

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