01 January 2015


Happy New Year, Cyberspace!  I've meant to get back into blogging, today, New Year's Day, is the perfect time.  Of course, it has to do with New Year Resolutions.  As an honest blogger, I already clearly pointed out, in the title, that some of these goals are far-fetched.  The far-fetched ones will be denoted with FF.  Here we go!

  • Back to blogging!  Hopefully this blog post is the start of a long streak.
  • Lose twenty pounds.  Work, bad eating habits, etc got me back at 200 pounds. I need to lose the extra weight for the Long Island Marathon in May anyway.
  • Borrowing a page from Jonathan Coulton, I want to try his Thing A Week.  No, I cannot write songs or play instrument, but once a week I'll do something artistic.  In my book, that would include comics, caricature, animation, origami, GPS art, haiku, limerick, Cubeecraft, etc.  FF
  • Among the Thing A Week project will be a Where's Waldo large drawing featuring any Facebook friends who agree to be drawn.  FF
  • Scan a few complete yearbooks for my high school.  FF
  • Get more uncluttered.  FF
  • Find a more permanent job.  This current one will end, supposedly, end of the month March.
  • Be more connected with people in real life or outside of Facebook.
  • Learn to play the harmonica, via YouTube videos.  FF
  • Learn Spanish AND get better with the Mandarin Chinese, via podcasts, movies, and newspapers.  FF

That's it!  Let's see if any of these goals will be completed by Jan 1, 2016.

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