31 January 2015


Photo hard copies, it is a hard thing to make.  Some years ago I got some coupon from Target, I think, that I splurged on an hp photo printer.  It was painful then, it was still painful when I tried to use it a few weeks ago.  Nothing particular about the hp printer itself, just the process itself that was painful.  Personally I rarely need a hard copy of a photo, but I know some elderly people who still like to have photographs in hand.  So I dug out my hp photo printer but alas the photo papers that would go into it had warped somewhat.  The printer took seemingly forever to recognize the paper, then when it finally started to suck the paper and painfully laid the ink on it, suddenly it stopped.  Paper jam!  If it is not one thing, it is another!

I gave up with the idea of printing the photos myself.  There is a Rite Aid store just a block away, maybe I'll use it.  Then I recalled how painful it was the last time I tried to print at this Rite Aid.  My feeble memory didn't tell me exactly what was wrong with the experience, just that it was not fun.  I did recall I ended up printing at another Rite Aid a little further away.

Maybe I would try online printing with Rite Aid.  Why, they even had a sale, some discount for printing 30 or more photos.  So I dutifully upload the photos and added them to my cart, checked out, then... boom!  Just some cryptic error that didn't tell what was wrong.  It just didn't work.  It was already late at night, I gave up.

A few weeks later, I gave photo printing another shot.  A new Walgreen just opened across the street from my beloved {sarcasm} Rite Aid, I'll give that a try.  Uh, except it wanted 35¢ per print for immediate printing, or 32¢ for one-hour printing.  It was already 4ish, the store would close at 6 PM, I hate the idea of perhaps having to wait the next day.  Knowing the Rite Aid online offer was 19¢ per print convinced me that Walgreen, instant gratification be damned, is not for me.  So I headed back to Rite Aid, insert the USB stick, and wham, "No photos found!"  Maybe Walgreen's machine somehow wiped the photos off my USB stick?  I gave up.  I found out just now that the photos are there on the USB drive, something just went wrong at Rite Aid.

Enough of this nonsense, in the end I went with Snapfish.com.  It'll take a few days for it to arrive in the mail, but it was relatively painless.  I did have to ask to have my password reset, since it had been a while since I last printed with Snapfish.  No email ever arrived, maybe I put in the wrong email address, luckily I was able to correctly guessed my old password.  Oh well, help keep the United States Postal Services useful by printing photos with Snapfish and such.  I pity the average technophobe having to deal with all this headache.

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