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Prostitution Wave Hit ‘Squeaky Clean’ Singapore & Since Recovered

This was an originally article produced on Reuters on the October 12, 2004 by Fayen Wong and adapted for this blog.

Many China Chinese prostitutes roaming around Singapore?

On a street corner at Singapore’s infamous red-light district of Geylang, a van pulls up beside two women, both dressed in revealing blouses and tight skirts.

Moments later, a lady rushes out to open the van’s door and disappears. Her close friend sits around while waiting for another customer. Both are tourists from mainland China – and both are working in Singapore as prostitutes.

Some mention that prostitution was expanding from red-light districts into suburbs, and consists mainly of mainland Chinese women on tourist visas.

Most of these people work in Singapore under social visit passes – which is technically illegal. That violates local Singapore manpower laws which prohibits those without work permits or citizenship from working in Singapore.

In fact, on a somewhat related note, lots of foreigners also moonlight illegally in Singapore as escorts

On a slightly related note, there are also lots of European escorts working illegally in Singapore. If caught, they will get sent back immediately with a criminal record too.

In fact, if it were to really come down to it, only Singaporean and permanent residents (PRs) are allowed to work in any non-illegal forms of work in Singapore. Singapore government is known to not hand out work passes for prostitutes or even social escorts.

Even for local Singapore social escort agencies, for registered and legal ones, they are also only allowed to hire Singaporeans or PRs.

All foreigners are not allowed to work in and generate Singapore sourced income – be it as prostitutes or legal social escorts.

In the past, USA had claimed Singapore had a trafficking problem for women and children

Additionally, a US State Department report in 2014 added on that Singapore actually had a “significant” trafficking problem involving both women and children.

Singapore government denied all allegations

However, Singapore’s government refuted the report.

Singapore government also provided proof that the city state had an almost negligible amount of forced prostitution

It reported seven cases of alleged forced prostitution in 2003 and two convictions. Singapore’s government said only two of 18 reports of forced prostitution in 2002 and 2003 were substantiated, describing them as “very rare”.

Could the problem lie with China instead of with Singapore?

The allegations against Singapore could have hit a raw nerve with the local citizens. Many shocked local Singaporean residents urged their government to raise the issue with China.

“Bilateral ties with China are no doubt important but we should not compromise our social values by allowing the prostitution problem to get out of hand,” wrote Tang Li Shan, who was among those who had complained to the local SG media.

The largest percentage of these problematic sex workers is from China.

With most locals speaking English and Mandarin, it is only natural that mainland Chinese flocked to Singapore as tourists and makes up Singapore’s quickest growing source of tourists. However, during that same monitored period, the number of foreign sex workers working illegally in Singapore being arrested shot up 50 percent from police data. This data also revealed that most of the foreign women working illegally in Singapore were from China!

Changes for the better in recent years

Regardless, due to some government policy changes and police clampdowns, Singapore has largely recovered from such illegal activities.

Additionally, one of the main reasons why Singapore has since implemented a blanket ban on all forms of public solicitation of prostitution is streetwalkers. It is an unsightly scene, and not something that Singapore wants associated with it. This banning of public solicitation has indeed seen very positive results in terms of way fewer streetwalking hookers in Singapore (1).


  1. Loh, R. and Liew, I. (2017). Geylang cleans up its act. [online] The New Paper. Available at: [Accessed 30 Jun. 2019].
pros and cons

Being A Female Social Escort In Singapore – Pros And Cons

There are different pros and cons of being a social escort in Singapore, and before you become one, please make sure to read this very post! If you are just looking for an escort job instead, then you want to check SG VIP Escort, one of the biggest agencies in Singapore.


Advantage 1 of being an escort: You can make a lot of money while you are still young if you work hard.

There are escorts who work really hard and go for as many appointments as they can go for. If you are such a type of girl who is willing to sacrifice some personal time to work, even at odd hours such as in the middle of the afternoon or late at night, then it is very likely that you can make a lot of money. An average female escort in Singapore makes between $200 to $500 per hour. As a result of that, taking an average of just $300/hour, even just working 5 hours a week is $1500. That is equivalent to very slightly over $6000 in nett income a month with just 5 hours a week! With $6000 a month in spare cash, not including your day job or other commission based flexible jobs, you can easily buy a 2nd hand car and some handbags once in a while!

Advantage 2 of being a social escort in SG: Singapore is a safe place.

Thankfully to the country being a generally safe place, compared to nearly every other part of the world, for you to be an escort in Singapore is a relatively assuring thing to do. As long as you know how to screen clients, or work with an agency which protects you from weird clients, working as an escort in Singapore is a breeze.

Advantage 3: You just need to be available for a few urgent hours a day. You can still be a student or have a day job and be an escort at the same time.

This is a benefit that attracts many girls in Singapore to be an escort if they are suitable for it. Whereas you need to quit whatever you are doing to work a new mid-high SES job making >$4000 or $5000 a month, social escorts just need to work part time to make the same. You need to look good and know how to be a social escort though.


Disadvantage 1: If you do not have a free schedule, high availability or a flexible schedule, you will not do well.

Clients are very last minute in their enquiries. Forget about clients calling in advance and then booking you two weeks in advance (sure, they will then cancel or flake out on that advance appointment). 99% of clients will want to book you within the day, sometimes within a few hours or them contacting your agency or you. Unless you have high availability or at least, a flexible schedule, you will not be able to make any serious money from escort work.

Disadvantage 2: It is a customer facing job. If you are not able to handle all kinds of customers, or have lots of client preferences – e.g. you only want certain types of clients, you will not make as much money.

Some customers are good, some customers are not ideal. But either way, they are a paying customer, and if you are not able to adapt to dealing with customers, then you will not survive in this escort industry as a model!

Singapore’s Social Escorts Reviews – What You Must Know

Here is an honest overview of the social escorts in Singapore, how to best find them, where to find them.

There are basically two ways you can look for social escorts in Singapore. You can either look for female escorts in Singapore through agencies or you can look on independent escort girl directories. Both will allow you to find social escorts, however, not every method is equally effective depending on what you are looking for.

Firstly, if you want to look for local, Singaporean social escorts, chances are that you will find better luck by looking for them through agencies. Singapore based social escort agencies such as SGVIPEscorts and PhunkN provide local social escorts. To the best of my knowledge, they provide only Singaporean girls. This means that if you like Singaporean girls, you should go through an intermediary like them. Most local Singaporeans work through agencies, as agencies provide the girls a layer of privacy protection, which many Singaporean girls want. There are also exceptional cases such as Risqué Rebecca and Courtesan Cara who are Singaporean girls who strike out on their own. These are rare and few between, and only two of them exists.

If you like Singaporean girls, then check out my review below:

1. SG VIP Escorts (prices averages between $700 to $1000) – one of the biggest social escort agencies Singapore has seen lately, they also recently appeared on Yahoo!. Sorry, I do not have their article with me, just Google for it and you should be able to find it. SG VIP Escorts specialize in local Singaporean girls, although they do seem to hire permanent residents once in a long while. I went for one of their girls, Chloe, but she is no longer available at the moment. Make sure to check them out if you want to meet a Singaporean social escort. Rates are between $700 to $1000. I will say that it is rated at a 4.5 out of 5 stars experience.

Verdict for SG VIP Escorts: Recommended if you want local Singaporean girls.

2. Royce (prices used to be between $1500 to $3500) – a now defunct / shut down escort website based in Singapore, they supposedly charge a lot for their girls. I have never used them myself since they are already shut down by the government, but from people who have used them before, they have really gorgeous local girls. The only issue is – they are already shut down, and they actually cost nearly double or triple that of SG VIP Escorts, which is why I won’t use them even if they are still around. $2000 or more per hour is just insane other than once a year indulgences in my opinion. Since I have not used them, I shan’t rate them, but shall leave it here in case any of you people are curious. I just use SG VIP Escorts exclusively these days.

Verdict for Royce: Unable to experience, but the high rates meant it was suitable only for a few.

Secondly, if you prefer foreign girls instead such as European girls or girls of other nationality, read on. Before we move on, I want to provide you with a big disclaimer. Non citizens are not allowed to work in Singapore legally. This means that any foreigner citizenship wise working as an escort in Singapore is violating the manpower laws of Singapore. We do not encourage nor condone you nor anyone else to engage in criminal activity such as this. However, if you are wondering for example, in the past, where do people look for foreign escorts in Singapore, read on.

Most agencies do not accept hiring of European or American or basically any foreigners. This means that if you want to look for European or even perhaps Russian escorts, then independent sites are your best choice. Since Backpage got taken down internationally in 2018, you will need to go elsewhere to look for independent European escorts while you are in Singapore. (Frankly, you should just go to Europe if you want European escorts.) However, for informational purposes only, I will share with you some sites which seem to show independent foreign escorts working in Singapore.

If you like foreign girls, then check out my review below (but please read the above disclaimer! We do not condone people violating any laws at all in Singapore. The following is purely for informational purposes, and not for anyone to take action on):

1. Escorts of Singapore (prices averages between $600 to $1800) – This is basically an independent escort site based in Singapore. Most of the girls there are foreigners, and consist of girls of all races and nationality. However, most of them hail from either European or South East Asians countries. They have a system of verification, I will recommend that if you must somehow use them, make sure to go for those who are verified with the higher number of stars. This supposedly means that they are verified better. The danger with independent escort sites is that most listings are using fake photographs. This is one of the rare few sites which the well verified escorts actually provide real photos. So if you want to meet such a foreign escort, you may want to try Escorts of Singapore. I cannot say with certainty since I have not met any escorts from this website before, but from the website directory alone, I would rate it a 2.5 out of 5. However, if you compare it to other independent sites, this is definitely one of the better ones and will rate it between 3.5 out of 5 stars. The reason it is not 4 or 4.5 is because I still need to sift through a lot of profiles, since many of them look active, but are in reality, defunct and do not reply to messages.

Verdict for Escorts of Singapore: Could potentially be great – but use at your own legal risk.

2. Locanto (prices averages between $300 to $700) – Once Backpage was taken down, Locanto became the giant internationally when it came to escorts advertising. Looking at Locanto, one will quickly realize that nearly all of the escort ads on it are by women of South East Asian descent (excluding Singaporeans). Few Europeans, if at all, are found on Locanto personal ads. However, there is one big issue that I do not like about Locanto. If you checked out reviews of individual posters on Locanto itself by users, most of them have terrible ratings. The main complaint is that most ‘escorts’ on Locanto are either scams where they get your money without meeting you, or that the photographs used are fake. Based on that alone, I will rate Locanto a miserable 1.5 out of 5.

Verdict for Locanto: AVOID at all costs.

social escort

5 Common Misconceptions About Social Escorts In Singapore

Due to many negative news in the news and misinformation spread by ignorant people, many people in Singapore have many misconceptions about the world of social escorts. Let us clear up some of the common misconceptions people have about social escorts.

Firstly, a common misconception people make is that they think being a social escort is illegal in Singapore. That cannot be further from the truth. Did you know that the government allows for social escorts to thrive in Singapore? The reason for this misinterpretation is because people only listen to the news or worse of all, ignorant and ‘sit around do nothing’ kopitiam uncles and aunties. Social escorts are essentially (usually female) professional companions. They are like the ancient geishas of Japan. They are paid to entertain and accompany their wealthy male clients. There is absolutely nothing illegal with that.

Secondly, a lot of people may think that escorts work full time as escorts. While that may be the case in other countries, it definitely is not in Singapore. Not a single escort in Singapore works full time as one. And it is not because you cannot make enough money to survive and live off as an escort. It is simply because of Singapore’s conservative culture. Regardless of the amount of money they make legally as a social escort in Singapore, they will still get a day job or flexible job and use that as a conversation piece if people start asking what they do for a living. This is because Singapore is still culturally conservative, and typical Singaporeans being very busybody, love gossiping about such news even though it is perfectly legal.

Third of all, many people think that social escorts are usually lowly-educated, incapable girls who could only make money through escort work. That MAY be the case in overseas. But not in Singapore. In fact, in Singapore, over 95% of escorts are actually university undergraduates or graduates, and work a very respective white collar job. While some become escorts because they need the cash desperately because they come from a poor family background, some work just because they are single and they can make money off their appearances. Some escorts may even come from middle-upper class families.

Fourthly, a lot of people mistaken escorts as prostitutes. Before I explain the misconception, we have to first understand what an escort is and what a prostitute is. An escort is a professional (and very attractive looking) companion to their clients. It can be for a public even or a private date. A prostitute is a woman who sells sexual services of herself to men who are willing to pay for it. If you want a clear cut way to view this – see female social escorts in Singapore as professional girlfriends.

Finally, can social escorts have sexual relations with their clients legally? Yes they can. Let us just imagine this – can you meet a girl off Tinder and have sexual relationship with her or even marry her? Yes you can. Can Tinder arrange for that? No they cannot, that will be pimping or selling mail order bride and is strictly punishable by law. Same thing with escorts and social escort agencies in Singapore. Agencies cannot arrange for that by law. Can the escort choose to? Yes, but it must be of her own accord. If it is facilitated by anyone else, that is illegal. Agencies in Singapore can only arrange for romantic companionship and that is all. On a slightly different note, can you choose to marry your escort like how Richard Gere married Julia Roberts in pretty woman? Yes you can, although do not be disappointed if your escort says no, as the reason they work as escorts is because they only want no strings attached relationships with their clients.