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5 Common Misconceptions About Social Escorts In Singapore

Due to many negative news in the news and misinformation spread by ignorant people, many people in Singapore have many misconceptions about the world of social escorts. Let us clear up some of the common misconceptions people have about social escorts.

Firstly, a common misconception people make is that they think being a social escort is illegal in Singapore. That cannot be further from the truth. Did you know that the government allows for social escorts to thrive in Singapore? The reason for this misinterpretation is because people only listen to the news or worse of all, ignorant and ‘sit around do nothing’ kopitiam uncles and aunties. Social escorts are essentially (usually female) professional companions. They are like the ancient geishas of Japan. They are paid to entertain and accompany their wealthy male clients. There is absolutely nothing illegal with that.

Secondly, a lot of people may think that escorts work full time as escorts. While that may be the case in other countries, it definitely is not in Singapore. Not a single escort in Singapore works full time as one. And it is not because you cannot make enough money to survive and live off as an escort. It is simply because of Singapore’s conservative culture. Regardless of the amount of money they make legally as a social escort in Singapore, they will still get a day job or flexible job and use that as a conversation piece if people start asking what they do for a living. This is because Singapore is still culturally conservative, and typical Singaporeans being very busybody, love gossiping about such news even though it is perfectly legal.

Third of all, many people think that social escorts are usually lowly-educated, incapable girls who could only make money through escort work. That MAY be the case in overseas. But not in Singapore. In fact, in Singapore, over 95% of escorts are actually university undergraduates or graduates, and work a very respective white collar job. While some become escorts because they need the cash desperately because they come from a poor family background, some work just because they are single and they can make money off their appearances. Some escorts may even come from middle-upper class families.

Fourthly, a lot of people mistaken escorts as prostitutes. Before I explain the misconception, we have to first understand what an escort is and what a prostitute is. An escort is a professional (and very attractive looking) companion to their clients. It can be for a public even or a private date. A prostitute is a woman who sells sexual services of herself to men who are willing to pay for it. If you want a clear cut way to view this – see female social escorts in Singapore as professional girlfriends.

Finally, can social escorts have sexual relations with their clients legally? Yes they can. Let us just imagine this – can you meet a girl off Tinder and have sexual relationship with her or even marry her? Yes you can. Can Tinder arrange for that? No they cannot, that will be pimping or selling mail order bride and is strictly punishable by law. Same thing with escorts and social escort agencies in Singapore. Agencies cannot arrange for that by law. Can the escort choose to? Yes, but it must be of her own accord. If it is facilitated by anyone else, that is illegal. Agencies in Singapore can only arrange for romantic companionship and that is all. On a slightly different note, can you choose to marry your escort like how Richard Gere married Julia Roberts in pretty woman? Yes you can, although do not be disappointed if your escort says no, as the reason they work as escorts is because they only want no strings attached relationships with their clients.