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How To Get A Girlfriend In Singapore Quickly – 5 Steps

Have you ever wanted to get a girlfriend but find it very difficult to get a girlfriend in Singapore? Here are some great tips to help locals and foreigners alike learn how to get a girlfriend in Singapore quickly! Of course, there are shortcuts to this – namely girlfriends for hire, or rather female social escorts. There are lots of SG escorts in Singapore who can pretend to be your girlfriend for a price. If you want that, you can click on the link I have for you above. But if not, and you just want to know how to get a girlfriend in Singapore, please read on.

For many Singaporean men, approaching a random beautiful girl is one of the hardest things they can ever do. Most men struggling with dating already have troubles approaching random girls, much less a girl they think are gorgeous and absolutely their type.

What you want to do is to adopt a mentality known as the educated abundant mentality. This basically means that you want to be educated on how to approach girls as well as not worry that every girl you approach is the last girl left on earth.

First of all, you do not want to put any girl on a pedestal. The moment you think that a particular girl is out of your reach, you immediately become the beta in the interaction. You are hard pressed to find a girl who like beta males. Most guys look at a girl in Singapore, and think, “She’s the one – I must get her, but I do not think I deserve her.” This is a loser’s mentality and you are bound to not be able to get the girl.

Because of all of the above, you will also suddenly not be as clear in your mind, and you may even start to stutter or sound weird.

So how do you solve this issue? I cannot simply tell you to stop putting hot girls on a pedestal and you will magically be able to do it. Chances are, you will not be able to change like that – otherwise you would have a long time ago. In fact, never approach a girl to try to get her. Approach girls to enjoy yourself. If you approach every girl as though you are trying to make her become your girlfriend, you will have a hard time. Girls get moved easier when they feel that they have fun whenever they are with you. Therefore, if you want to get a girlfriend quickly in Singapore, make sure to drop all external expectations of what kind of reactions you want from her. Remember – there are lots of girls in Singapore.

Second of all, how do you approach a girl? You do not want to tap her on her shoulders, nor approach her directly. Why is that the case? If you tap a girl or anyone on the shoulders from the back, you immediately raise up the girl’s internal mental defense mechanism. If you approach a girl dead on straight from her front, you will make her run away like you are an insurance agent approaching a prospect in public.

So how do you do it? You want to approach a girl from a somewhat 45 degree angle.

Third of all, you want to exude confidence when you approach. Just remember that if you do not put girls on a pedestal, chances are, you will already be very confident. The primary reasons why a guy is not confident is because he puts too much focus on the end goal on getting the girl to say yes to a date, or because he puts the girl on a pedestal. Therefore, when you lose expectations of what you want the girl to do, you will be confident. The less you care about what others think, the more confident you become.

Next of all, always make sure to keep strong eye contact. Most likely she’ll look away first if you hold the gaze. Most girls in Singapore are quite shy and will look away. Do not take that as a sign of her not liking you. In fact, she is probably intimidated (in a good way as long as you are not looking like a serial killer or a garbage cleaner), and is simply shy. By holding eye contact when you are talking to her until she looks away, she will also think you are confident. Many beta men in Singapore are unable to hold eye contact with a hot girl.

Last but not least, do not put the focus on you, nor put the focus on her. When you are talking with her, put the focus on just enjoying yourselves. You do not want to put all focus on her, although that is better than having the conversation topics about yourself. You want her to walk away thinking of the conversation and how fun it was talking with you. Not to you.

Last but not least, just ask for her number and shut up. Do not talk at this point after you ask for her number. You may think it is awkward, but you need to remain silent. It can be the most silent and long 5 or 10 or even 20 seconds you will ever experience, but you need to keep quiet. Whoever speaks first loses. She will either give you her number or give you a straight no.

Congrats! Now you got her number. What next? You want to set up a date as soon as possible. Do not put a date 4 weeks later. Keep it within the next few days or perhaps at most 1 week later.

What then happens after you go on a date? Repeat the above over and over again and if you truly can click with that girl you just picked up, then you will have yourself a girlfriend! It really is that simple. The key is to let go of all expectations that you want her to be your girlfriend, and instead focus on simply enjoying yourselves whenever you are together with her.

So there you have it! A few simple steps, five actually, to help you get a girlfriend in Singapore quickly.